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Are you interested in studying, researching or teaching in a foreign Country ? Have you thought about completing an internship or learning a foreign language abroad? You can find information here about planning and financing  visit related to study abroad and practical tips on living in each respective country. Look for the right funding opportunity for you from many scholarship programs and learn more about internships and language courses offered abroad.

Visit our modern language school, in central Berlin and learn in a fun and comfortable environment. BERLIN is located within a 5 - minute walk from the U+Sbahn station Frankfurter Allee (U5), just 13 min away from Alexanderplatz. 

Within the neighborhood of our language school, there are bakeries, supermarkets, Ring center, and numerous restaurants you can enjoy.

Our bright rooms accommodate a pleasant and welcoming class atmosphere. The Interactive whiteboards, comfortable seats and a quiet environment all let  you concentrate on nothing but your coursework. Come by and see for yourself!

 Learn quickly and efficiently in small courses.


We keep our courses small (no more than 8 students per class), so that we can make the lessons as interactive as possible, In order to  we can take your needs into consideration as much as possible


Have the opportunity to speak in every class, and enjoy yourself during the learning process. Various teaching methods give you the opportunity to learn the language from all its aspects leaving no room for boredom. Moreover, our school is equipped with modern technology, making it simpler for our teachers to guide you towards your goals.


Do you wish to quickly proceed with your level and learn the language from A to Z? Then we are the right language school for you!

Our courses are divided into 12 language levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). This will allow you to learn with other participants in the same language level. A homogenous language level will ensure a quick learning progress for all participants.

Each course covers half level.

Learn German 

in Private Lessons

You have the ability to choose your own learning objectives for your private lessons. Whether you wish to learn specific vocabulary, prepare for a job interview or simply review certain topics before a test, at you will find the perfect teacher. Your individual lessons will be directly tailored to your wants and needs.

Who should book this course?
Is your time inflexible? Would you like to prepare yourself for a specific theme or  simply repeat various topics? Have you mainly studied online in the past? Are you already able to use the grammar, but need to work on your conversational skills? In this case, the private lessons we offer are the perfect fit for you!

What will be taught in this course?
Our private lessons offer you the perfect strategies to repeat and expand your languages skills individually. In addition to the time flexibility we offer, we will agree beforehand on the different subjects you would like to focus on with the teacher.

What is the price of this course?
One private lesson consists of 60 minutes. You can feel free to set up your sessions as 60, 90 or 120 - minute lessons. The course price is subject to change, depending on the number of private lessons booked.

60 Minutes: 45 €
5 lessons or more: 42€ per 60 Minutes
10 lessons or more: 30€ per 60 Minutes

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